Successful Summit of Mount Sill (14,154') // Sierra Nevada

We're pleased to share with you 2 clients, Jesse Felten and Angel Castaneda, successfully reached the summit of Mount Sill (14,154') via the North Couloir route on July 1st, 2018 with GSG Guide Josh Reinig. Mount Sill is 1 of 15 fourteener's in California and is considered a technical peak needing the appropriate skills to ascend and descend her slopes safely. Snow travel up to 50+ degrees is involved along with technical rock climbing up to low 5th class during the crux of the route. Jesse and Angelo both demonstrated the ability to keep it cool under pressure while ascending this beautiful peak in the High Sierra, also known as Nee-na-mee-shee, meaning Guardian of the Valley. Congratulations on your ascent gentleman and big thanks to GSG Guide Josh Reinig for facilitating a safe and fun weekend for our guests. 

Mount Sill Summit Eastern Sierra Rock Climbing
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Rope Skills Course Mount Sill Palisade Range Sierra Nevada Rock Climbing
Mount Sill Eastern Sierra Rock Climbing Palisade Range
North Couloir L-Shape Couloir Mount Sill High Sierra Mountaineering
Mount Sill Mountaineering High Sierra Nevada