Joshua Tree Anchors


Tired of using 10 separate nylon runners and 10 locking carabiners just to build one anchor in Joshua Tree? Many climbs at this historic venue don't have bolts to build a simple top rope anchor and more often than not require semi-static ropes to build a proper anchor system. In our Advanced Anchor course you'll be taught the necessary skills to build "Joshua Tree" anchor systems utilizing semi-static lines up to 50m in length. These intricate anchors demand every tool you've got in your toolbox so we make sure to cover it all. From what knots and hitches to use and when to apply them, to utilizing natural gear as well as active and passive, to creating instructor tethers for safety above the climb, to kN (kilonewton) ratings and what your anchor should be able to hold and much more. Once understood, Joshua Tree anchor systems simplify the process of building anchors, reduces the chance of failure in the system and increases safety for everyone around.