Shasta Rescue

This was the 6th rescue in one week on Mount Shasta and we were right in the thick of it. A very experienced mountaineer took a 300’ foot fall down Avalanche Gulch as we were descending the route after our successful summit. After doing a head to toe examination, taking vitals, cleaning up a few surface level wounds, and checking the victims LOR (level of responsiveness) he was airlifted to a nearby hospital where he is expected to make a full recovery. If you’re following us on Instagram or any other social media outlets we have there’s a good chance you enjoy recreating in the mountains or in the backcountry in general. We can’t stress enough that being trained in Wilderness Medicine is an invaluable tool to have in your toolbox and certainly helped in this scenario. Both GSG Guide @rhartegan and GSG Ambassador @jameson.schultz had formal training and certification as a Wilderness First Responder and Wilderness First Aid, their training certainly helped facilitate a successful rescue on the mountain. Whether you sign up for our extended WFR or WFA programs this coming November with our partner @themedalliance or another organization we strongly suggest doing so. You never know when the training you have will come into play and be needed in the field. Big thanks to the real hero’s, the Shasta Sheriff’s department for executing yet another successful rescue and even more so to Sheriff Mike Berry who you see in the photos. All photos curtesy of GSG Ambassador Jameson Schultz @jameson.schultz .

Mount Shasta Climbing

Successful Summit of Mount Sill (14,154') // Sierra Nevada

We're pleased to share with you 2 clients, Jesse Felten and Angel Castaneda, successfully reached the summit of Mount Sill (14,154') via the North Couloir route on July 1st, 2018 with GSG Guide Josh Reinig. Mount Sill is 1 of 15 fourteener's in California and is considered a technical peak needing the appropriate skills to ascend and descend her slopes safely. Snow travel up to 50+ degrees is involved along with technical rock climbing up to low 5th class during the crux of the route. Jesse and Angelo both demonstrated the ability to keep it cool under pressure while ascending this beautiful peak in the High Sierra, also known as Nee-na-mee-shee, meaning Guardian of the Valley. Congratulations on your ascent gentleman and big thanks to GSG Guide Josh Reinig for facilitating a safe and fun weekend for our guests. 

Mount Sill Summit Eastern Sierra Rock Climbing
Second Lake North Fork of Big Pine Creek Temple Crag
Rope Skills Course Mount Sill Palisade Range Sierra Nevada Rock Climbing
Mount Sill Eastern Sierra Rock Climbing Palisade Range
North Couloir L-Shape Couloir Mount Sill High Sierra Mountaineering
Mount Sill Mountaineering High Sierra Nevada

GSG Apprentice Guide Ash Gambhir & Team Climb Liberty Ridge

Apparently Liberty Ridge is the go-to route this season for GSG Guides. Apprentice Guide @verticalnomad just topped out Mt. Rainier via the famous Liberty Ridge route last week. This is our second Guide in two weeks to ascend the route. Ash was awarded the American Alpine Clubs “Live Your Dream” grant earlier this year and Liberty Ridge was the coveted route of choice. Congratulations Ash and the rest of your team! Stoked everyone made a safe and successful ascent! 

Golden State Guiding Apprentice Guide Ash Gambhir Liberty Ridge
Golden State Guiding Guide Ash Gambhir Liberty Ridge Mount Rainier
Golden State Guiding Guide Ash Gambhir Liberty Ridge
Golden State Guiding Guide Ash Gambhir Liberty Ridge

GSG Guide Kelvin Nguyen // Liberty Ridge Ascent

Golden State Guiding's Kelvin Nguyen, along with 6 other team members successfully made the summit of Mt. Rainier this week via the Liberty Ridge route. Conditions were as good as they get, reported Kelvin once back to basecamp. Rangers reported this was the first successful ascent of the route all season, great job everyone! Big congratulations to Kelvin sending a long time dream, couldn't be more happy for him. Keep crushing Kelvin!

Kelvin Nguyen Liberty Ridge Mount Rainier Climbing
Kelvin Nguyen Liberty Ridge Mount Rainier Climbing
Kelvin Nguyen Liberty Ridge Mount Rainier Climbing