North East Gully Mendenhall Couloir Laurel Mountain


Trad, Low 5th Class, Grade II // Elevation: 11,724' // Trip Length 1-2 days

A popular alpine route for many local folks, the North East Gully of Laurel Mountain, aka the Mendenhall Couloir, is a classic alpine route in the Sierra with breathtaking views of the Mammoth Lakes area once on the summit proper. Your approach begins along the northern trail of the beautiful Convict Lake which is a treat in itself. You'll eventually break away from the main trail taking you North West through a grove of beautiful aspens eventually landing you at the beginning of the route. Coming in at low 5th class, Grade II, the North East Gully of Laurel Mountain is a great first option for any aspiring alpine climber to test their skills in an alpine environment that's less committing then some of our other offerings. As with any alpine objective, don't let the modest grade fool you. Alpine environments such as the North East Gully of Laurel Mountain are endurance days with lots of easy 3rd and 4th class scrambling mixed in with the occasional harder move. Once you've topped out this Sierra classic you'll head back down to Convict Lake where it's always good to enjoy your favorite beverage or head off to the near by local hot springs to soak you feet after a long couple days out.