Mount Woodson Rock Climbing, San Diego, CA

Mount Woodson // San Diego, CA

Mount Woodson is a favorite among GSG guides and plays host to an array of climbing styles but is especially well known for its cracks! Mt Woodson has over 400 climbs, many of them cracks and slab suitable for all climbing levels. The majority of the climbing on Mount Woodson lies on the east side of the mountain so in the summer months it can get fairly hot so early morning outings are recommended for this venue. The summit plays host to some of the best climbing around so get your hiking shoes ready because that's where we like to go! Hiking from highway 67 to the summit is on a paved road but you gain 1200' so we consider this approach difficult, but have no fear, if hiking to the top isn't in your schedule there are plenty of climbs down below we can get you on.