Jordan Cannon Golden State Guiding Guide.jpg
AMGA Single Pitch Instructor


Like most climbers who come to California, Jordan values the freedom of wide-open spaces and has a deep appreciation for the mountains. Even though he started climbing in the gym when he was 10 growing up on the East Coast, he didn’t really hit his stride until he moved to California in 2013 and began making trips to Joshua Tree and Yosemite Valley where he quickly developed a passion for the culture and history of climbing.

While studying English and Art at the University of Saint Katherine in San Diego, Jordan felt inspired by the diversity and endless opportunities of rock climbing in California and decided to move into his van in order to pursue a career as a guide and professional athlete. Jordan stands out as a staunch traditionalist who cares more about adventure rather than difficulty, but that hasn’t stopped him from sending 5.13 or free-climbing El Capitan. Jordan enjoys all styles of climbing, but he tends to gravitate towards long traditional routes and big link-ups in Yosemite Valley and is always ready to get out there and get after it every chance he can get. With unending psych and an insatiable appetite for climbing, Jordan is constantly thinking of ways to “Go Big” and push his limits in the mountains.

Jordan is an AMGA Single Pitch Instructor, certified Wilderness First Responder, and will be enrolling  in the Rock Guide program Fall/Winter 2017/18 to further educate himself about the techniques and skills necessary to take his guiding to the next level.