Sarah Barille Golden State Guiding Guide
American Mountain Guide Association Single Pitch Instructor


Although Sarah is newer to the climbing scene, she has spent the past few years honing her skills to become a better, more knowledgeable and safer climber.  She was first introduced to climbing on a camping trip to Joshua Tree and quickly became hooked. With great mentors and a drive to get out there, she was outside leading her first traditional routes within just a few months and has a passion for getting high off the deck!

Sarah loves the challenge and sense of accomplishment that comes with climbing - but the real thing that drew her to it was how incredibly mindful you become while climbing.  When Sarah is not climbing, she is a full time ICU nurse. The outdoors, being in the mountains and climbing gives her an escape from the stress of her day-to-day career. 

With a passion for the outdoors, helping people, educating and being active, it’s a no brainer that Sarah has become certified by the AMGA as a Single Pitch Instructor.