Jakob Chew Golden State Guiding Guide
AMGA Single Pitch Instructor

Jakob Chew // AMGA SPI //WFR // GSG Guide

Jake, although born and raised in San Diego, started his climbing life while living in the Bay Area in 2007 where he took frequent trips over the years to Tahoe, Yosemite and countless other Bay Area crags to hone his skills on rock. His grounded and uplifting character has the power to make anyone feel comfortable on the rock, regardless of experience. He is in tune with his surroundings and emits true dedication and passion to climbing. In his eyes, climbing is very empowering, while at the same time is very humbling. We face a lot of our fears, and find joy when we can overcome them. To Jake climbing is a true cathartic experience between our bodies and the earth.

Whether it’s bouldering in bishop, doing linkups in Thaquitz, crack climbing in J-Tree or pulling hard on overhanging limestone cliffs in Thailand, Jake’s passion for rock climbing has taken him around the world, and is hard not to notice.