You'll hear us say it over and over, education is a large component to our guide service at Golden State Guiding. Whether it be with clients at an experienced level in the mountains or at the beginning stages in a gym or outdoors when learning how to belay, laying a proper foundation of fundamentally sound techniques to build upon in the future is not only safe, but will instill good practices in you throughout your climbing career.

Golden State Guiding is excited to announce we've partnered with the American Alpine Club to bring further awareness to the need of a good belay by becoming a Universal Belay Card Provider. Through this program GSG will be committed to providing universal belay techniques, instruction and certification for all climbers at the Top Rope and Lead belay levels using MBD's (manual braking devices) and ABD's (assisted braking devices).

The American Alpine Club has been an invaluable resource for the climbing community at many levels and this shows their continued commitment to providing the infrastructure needed for our growing activity we all enjoy. All AAC members receive a free Universal Belay Card once certified, non-members have a $10 processing fee. Not an AAC member yet? Many people don't know the numerous benefits that accompany the annual membership. Click here to learn more about member benefits and joining the AAC. 

If you'd like to become a certified Universal Belay Card holder please click the button below to learn more about the program and find out when our next round of certifications are scheduled. Also, be up to speed with whats happening with our local San Diego Chapter American Alpine Club by following them on Instagram (@sandiegochapter_aac) and Facebook


Useful links for belaying provided by the American Alpine Club.

Universal Belay Program

The Fundamentals of Belaying Poster

Assisted Breaking Device Material

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American Alpine Club Universal Belay Card
American Alpine Club Universal Belay Card